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United Sigma Intelligence Association

1. Qualifications

  • Fellowship in United Sigma Intelligence Association (USIA) is by invitation / nomination or by application. When applying, the requirements of 2. and 3. must be met. The minimum application requirement is that the applicant must have a completed PhD in any field of knowledge.

  • USIA Fellowship requires nomination by two USIA Fellows or one recommendation letter from one person who is familiar with the applicant. For applicants, please refer to 3. for a detailed instruction of letters of recommendation.

  • USIA Fellowships awarded through invitation / nomination are not required to submit any letters of recommendation since they have already been nominated by two USIA Fellows.

  • NOTE: USIA Fellowship is not linked to the possession of any specific education degree; USIA Fellowship is not contingent upon belonging to some other organization.

2. Assessment

  • USIA Honorary Fellowship : An individual who has shown noteworthy achievement as an original investigator in a field of arts and sciences is eligible for election to USIA Honorary Fellowship.

  • USIA Fellowship : An individual who has conducted independent investigation and written a report concerning their research is eligible for election to USIA Fellowship.

3. Recommendation

  • Applicants for the USIA Fellowship are asked for a recommendation letter from one person who is familiar with their educational level and intellectual or creative abilities.

  • USIA admissions office asks applicants to submit one letter of recommendation, along with the name and contact information of one person who can write a recommendation letter for the applicant.

  • The final decision on whether to become a Fellow or Honorary Fellow of the USIA rests with the USIA Board of Directors. 

  • NOTE: The USIA admissions office will keep all applicant information strictly confidential.

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