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United Sigma Intelligence Association

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1. Opportunity


  • Reach your full potential as part of the world-class community. ​

  • As an USIA member, you'll be presented with new resources and valuable opportunities that will help you advance your intellectual capacity. You can find colleagues who share your vision and commitment those who are changing the world forward today.

  • Collaborate with USIA colleagues and member groups, online or in person, to build a support group for your profession, industry, or project. 

2. Qualifications

  • The primary qualifications for the USIA regular membership include a bachelor's degree in any field of knowledge.

  • Other qualifications may include knowing English language, or outstanding creative intellectual performance.

  • The final decision on whether to become a regular member or associate member or honorary member of the USIA rests with the USIA Board of Directors. 

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