FSI Member, Alexandre Tang


Alexandre Tang, Ph.D. is a FSI Member of United Sigma Intelligence Association. Dr. Tang, 31 years old, living in Paris, France, is a Project Leader working in Immuno-Oncology field at SANOFI in Paris, France.

Through the years at University Pierre & Marie Curie, he has obtained a deep knowledge in understanding biology and especially the diverse mechanisms that shape our immune system and how it protects us from pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, and also how it can recognize and eliminate malignant cells.

He is now developing new therapeutic molecules to specifically target and kill cancer cells and he is mainly focused on hematological malignancies.

Before, he had a career in Academia, working for Institute Pasteur for 5 years, developing new cancer vaccines against tumors induced by the Human Papillomavirus and wrote several international scientific publications.

Besides his passion for his work, Alexandre has also a huge thirst for competition, in many different fields:

1) He played Texas Hold’em no limit poker at a semi-professional level for 8 years and won some tournaments: four times regional champion and 4th place in a National championship.

2) He is crazy about Escape Rooms! He played more than 250 rooms all over the world and with his teammates, they are currently 2nd at the World Championship!

3) He also played a lot of video games when younger, and quickly specialized in First Person Shooter (FPS) games such as Counter Strike, Quake, Unreal Tournament…to reach a decent level at National events.

4) Now he competes as a Progammer in Virtual Reality gaming FPS like After-H and Space Junkies, and recently won a major tournament in France (Solar Contest) ranking him at Top1 France, for After-H and Top5 Europe (Space Junkies – VR League Season 3)