FSI Member Dr. R. V. Kalitvianski

Dr. R. V. Kalitvianski is a member of the Four Sigma Intelligence Society and Three Sigma Intelligence Society of the United Sigma Intelligence Association.

I do research in the field of natural language processing in one of France’s leading customer relations management companies. I hold a PhD in computer science from the University of Grenoble. My interests are too many to enumerate, but include linguistics (comparative, historical, cognitive), theoretical computer science, various elements of philosophy, the mind, animal behavior, gastronomy, music, and visual arts. An educator at heart, one passion of mine is making difficult information understandable, whether the difficulty is conceptual, volumetric, or linguistic. I developed a software system that can render educational content of our university accessible to foreign students in their native language, and that dynamically generates multilingual course material that takes into account the student’s prior knowledge and preferred level of abstraction. Ever persuaded of the capital importance of the advancement of scientific education, I volunteered 4000+ hours to promoting scientific literacy among children in poor or lower-class neighborhoods of my region of France.