FSI Member Richard Sheen


Richard Sheen is a member of the Four Sigma Intelligence Society of the USIA.

A passionate pursuer of wisdom, love, and poetry, Richard studied Metaphysics at Tsinghua University of Beijing, and later graduated with First Class Honours in Philosophy from the University of Auckland with first in course awards in half of all undertaken studies.

With an endless love and curiosity for nature and our universe, Richard is passionate about environmental conservation and loves the outdoors. Richard co-founded Depictograph Productions with fellow photographer James Alistair Lindesay and Jeffrey Zhang in 2011 to for the purposes of nature and historic conservation. He is passionate for physical exercise and outdoor activities, and wishes to devote his free time in promoting nature conservation and a healthy lifestyle, both of the physical, and of the spiritual.

Richard is an autodidact in multiple disciplines of fine arts, receiving both first and third place awards at the age of 7 in the Asian New Zealander’s Junior Art Competition. Richard is also self-taught in sketching, music composition, and various forms of photography, receiving the Mensa New Zealand Photographer of the Year Award consecutively in 2017 and 2018.

Richard is the first and only player in New Zealand to ever achieve an international ranking of A- in the strategy game StarCraft: Brood War, and ranked 2nd place in the Season #43 International Foreign Starcraft Tournament. Richard was also a member of the Tsinghua University Humanities Badminton Team, having participated in numerous minor tournaments.

As a follower of Christ, Richard wishes to follow the path of love and strives to live in accordance with the highest virtues of the good. He seeks to establish a mental health charity of love and healing in the future to help all who are suffering under the difficulties and despair that life has put forward for all of us, to share our hearts with each other and heal together through love, mutual understanding and compassion.