It May Be Possible to Improve Your IQ Score With Practice, Experts Suggest

The experts were divided as to whether someone could improve their IQ score with practice. Dr Ian Silver, an expert in intelligence and behavioral sciences from Cincinnati University, says that “most practice modalities, such as phone applications or online courses, will not increase IQ scores or intelligence generally.”

Doing the IQ test many times could improve your score according to Dr Hynek Cigler, an expert in psychology from Masaryk University, who says, “Practicing IQ tests will improve scores obtained in such tests as you become a better ‘test-taker’. However, an impact on your actual intelligence will be negligible.”

All of the experts made a clear distinction between IQ score and intelligence. Interestingly, Dr Cigler highlights that “some ‘kinds’ of intelligence are connected to learning and practicing. Training of such skills could lead to better development, especially at a younger age. Though, this relationship is not straightforward.”