Olympiq Society

OLYMPIQ Society was founded in 01/01/2001 by Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis MD, MSc, MA, PhD. OLYMPIQ is the new millennium’s High IQ society (nonprofit) and stands as the most exclusive extremely High-IQ organization. The V letters of the prefix represent the number of the standard deviations on IQ above the average needed to become a member. An IQ of 180, sd 16, respectively IQ 175, sd 15, is the minimum requirement for entering the OLYMPIQ Society. The in-base philosophy of this global intellectual community is the Olympic idea applied in intelligence. Our members’ ingenuity and intellectuality are considered as parameters to generate the best for mankind. Therefore, any member of the OLYMPIQ should have been qualified based on “Olympic” level intelligence criteria. OLYMPIQ members are called OLYMPIANS.

Website: https://olymp.iqsociety.org