TSI Special Member Seoyeon Yang


Seoyeon Stella Yang is TSI Special Member of the United Sigma Intelligence Association.

Ms. Yang earned degrees at Yonsei University and Seoul National University respectively, and currently she is a AI Robotics Engineer at LG Electronics.

In elementary school, she received a Korea Minister Science Award with other awards in science. At Yonsei university, the major was Physics, Mechanical Engineering, and Space Engineering in which she accomplished the awards 3 times from Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Cube Satellite Competition, through CANYVAL project cooperated with The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

After graduation, She had a Master degree at Seoul National University, majored in mechanical and aerospace engineering, especially sub-major in navigation & control. The studying led her focused on the Artificial Intelligence(AI) and the Sensor Time Series concerned with Deep Learning, and developed the Voice -based Parkinson Detector as Deep Learning Model. This project was featured by the Blotter, and became the tech main article at the NAVER, South Korea No.1 Search Engine.

Consequently, She has devoted to the Artificial Intelligence Robot Application, and the position as an Ambassador of Google Women Techmakers of Asia. Yang is also running an AI Robotics community in South Korea.

She is a member of the Mensa.