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USIA Board Member Barbara Winston

Barbara Winston is a Board Member of the United Sigma Intelligence Association (USIA).


Barbara Winston is the President and Founder of the Commission for Peace, which was founded and organized by Barbara Winston with the University for Peace of the United Nations(UN). She is also Chairman and Founder of the Peace Innovation Initiative. Ms. Winston is a lifelong advocate for peace. Ms. Winston also serves as Director of Keeping Identities Safe, which was founded by Donald Kendall, Chairman Emeritus of PepsiCo. She was also the former President of the UN Women for Peace Association and a trustee of the Institute of International Education, which focuses on International student exchange and aid, foreign affairs, and international peace and security. At IIE, Barbara was on the Fulbright Scholarship Committee. The Fulbright Program is the international exchange program sponsored by the United States’ government, designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and more than 155 countries worldwide.

Barbara is a member of the Presidents Circle at the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI). ASPI tackles policy challenges confronting the Asia-Pacific in security, prosperity, and sustainability. ASPI provides unique opportunities for deeper understanding and cooperation among the Asian nations and the world. Also, she is on the Chairman's Advisory Group of Washington's distinguished Hudson Institute, a non-profit organization which seeks to guide public policy makers and global leaders in government and business through a program of publications, conferences, policy briefings and recommendations.

As president of Bruce Winston Gem Corporation, participation in art, design and fashion is constantly inspiring. Harry Winston, the King of Diamonds, who donated the Hope Diamond to the United States, is the father of Barbara's husband. A legacy of good deeds and service is a constant theme. Barbara has a lifelong unshakeable dedication to the cause of equal justice.

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