USIA Contributing Fellow James Stiles

James Stiles is the Contributing Fellow of the United Sigma Intelligence Association.

He is a Director of the Intertel which is the second oldest high IQ organization after Mensa International.

I started college at the age of 15, in 1970, and graduated from Carleton College, Northfield, MN with a BA in Philosophy in 1974. Upon graduation, I enlisted in the US Marine Corps. My career was with the US Department of Defense as an Information Systems Manager, and my fields of specialization were in IT Security and Database Management. I served in Washington, DC as well as Okinawa, Japan, NATO military HQ SHAPE Belgium, and a prominent Army facility in central Pennsylvania. I retired in 2005 as a GS-14, with an equivalent rank of LT COL. Shortly after retirement, I began a three year course of graduate level study in Philosophy, and traveled to academic conferences in such places as Australia, India, and Hawaii (as well as continental US locations) to present papers. My fields of academic specialization were Ancient Greek Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, and Buddhism. My work has been published. In 1983, while serving on Okinawa, I joined three high IQ societies: Mensa, Intertel, and ISPE. I have served as the North Dakota Mensa Local Secretary for several years now. Within Mensa, I also serve as the Special Interest Coordinator for HAMSIG (their amateur radio group), the Assistant Scholarship Chair, and I am members of two committees: Higher Logic Task Force and Leadership Development. Within Intertel, I serve as the Region 7 Director, and am on the committee which will be planning the 2022 Annual General Assembly. Within ISPE I serve as a proofreader for their publication Telicom. Additionally, I provide voluntary IT support for several organizations in my community, and serve as the Vice Chairman for Support of the NATO/SHAPE Officers Association. I enjoy world travel, particularly by cruise ship.