USIA Contributing Fellow Therese Moodie-Bloom

Therese Moodie-Bloom is the Contributing Fellow of the United Sigma Intelligence Association.

Therese was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, with strong musical and philosophical influences. She has a degree in Politics and Philosophy and is widely-travelled. Performed as a young rock musician for US troops in the Vietnam war; taught English for five years in the Middle East, working for the Iranian Air Force and the British Council.

Therese currently writes a weekly column for The Australian newspaper, contributes to various magazines and websites, provides entertaining and intellectual material for charity fundraisers and is currently involved in an Outreach multicultural educational program for which she provides materials and interviews.



Mensa International Director of Administration (6 years)

Chairman, CEO Australian Mensa (6 years)

Editor Mensa International Journal (2 years) and national journal (7 yrs)

World Events Coordinator for Mensa’s Diamond Jubilee (4 yrs)

Member: International General Council (6 years)

Member: International Board of Directors (12 years)

Member: Constitutional Review Committee (national and international)

Member: MI Awards Committee

Member: MI Licensing Board

Co-ordinator: M I Photographer of the Year Competition (current)

Puzzles Editor MWJ (current)

Puzzles provider for Mensa International website (current)

News and content contributor M I website and fb page (current)

Presenter of countless workshops etc in various national Mensas (ongoing)

Has held six different offices on the Australian Mensa Board of Directors.