USIA Contributor Prof. James Flynn

Professor James Flynn (1934-2020) was the Contributor to the United Sigma Intelligence Association. He contributed to the USIA Research Journal.

James Flynn was Professor Emeritus at the University of Otago (New Zealand), recipient of the University’s Gold Medal for Distinguished Career Research. As a psychologist, he was best known for the Flynn Effect, the discovery of massive IQ gains from one generation to another.

Jim Flynn has been profiled in Scientific American, and The American Psychological Association has devoted a symposium and a book to his research. As a philosopher, his latest book is ‘How To Defend Humane Ideals’. Professor Jeremy Waldron of Columbia has described its treatment of race and class as ‘magnificent’. He was Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution (Stanford) and Distinguished Visiting Speaker at Cornell. He has been featured in Scientific American and Newsweek and awarded his university’s Medal for Distinguished Career Research.