USIA Fellow Ganghyeon Baek

Ganghyeon Baek is the youngest fellow at the United Sigma Intelligence Association.

He was born in Nov 20, 2012.

His IQ score is 164 SD15 on the K-WPPSI-IV, and 163 SD15 on the K-WISC-IV.

His special note is as follows.

2 years old: He mastered the South Korean language by himself.

3 years old: He memorized up to multiplication table level 19 in three days.

4 years old: He started composing and has written more than 250 songs so far.

5 years old: He has been mastering Python.

6 years old: He developed the board game The genius.

7 years old: He was selected for early promotion. He was promoted from 1st grade to 5th grade at an elementary school in South Korea.

8 years old: He has completed the IQ puzzle book.

In addition, He has appeared more than 20 times on TV in South Korea.

I like math, composition, coding, and among them, I like math the best. I want to devote my life to the path of a mathematician. Solving difficult math problems, and organizing/proving new formulas are the vitality and happiness of my life. I am developing a dream to open a new wave of horizons by researching and integrating the relationship between mathematics, composition, coding, and Artificial Intelligence. – Baek, Ganghyeon