USIA Project

The United Sigma Intelligence Association supports a variety of projects and programs through partnerships with global intellectual networks. The organization will continue to discover and support global projects.

Artificial Intelligence

The USIA supports artificial intelligence researches through partnership, developing novel causal artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). 


USIA participates in scientific projects investigating fundamental questions in biology and medicine.

Medical Science

USIA supports medical education projects through partnerships. In the worldwide network, it multidimensionally supports practical and academic standards of World Medicine in health care, research and education.

Space Project

USIA supports the space project by partnering with Space For Humanity. Space For Humanity provides opportunity to go to space and experience the Overview Effect: the cognitive shift in awareness that occurs when a human being looks down on the Earth from space.

Global Problems

USIA is partnering with organizations like UNICEF to help humanity solving major global problems: environmental protection, food security, health protection, human rights, basic education, poverty reduction, water sufficiency, war prevention.

Global Risk

USIA supports programs to to prevent existential events  as well as programs to preserve civilization to survive such events.

Peace and Prosperity

USIA supports World Peace and Prosperity Foundation to promote and advocate peace and peaceful resolution of the conflicts through discussion and better understanding of political, economic and cultural differences.

Life Extension

USIA supports programs facilitating professional networking within the research community, building connections with decision makers in business and the public sectors.

Memory Sports

USIA supports World Memory Championships through partnership. The championships is an organized competition of memory sports in which competitors memorize as much information as possible within a given period of time.

Mind Mapping

USIA supports World Mind Mapping Championships through partnership. The championships consist of the School, National, or World Mind Mapping Championships.

Mind Sports

USIA supports World Speed Reading Championships through partnership. The championships consist of the School, National, or World Speed Reading Championships.

USIA Podcast

The USIA hears the voices of intellectuals around the world. The topics of the podcast are from the academic field to the practical area.

USIA Journal

The USIA collects the thoughts of intellectuals around the world. The Journal is published irregularly. Journal contributors include Professor Nick Bostrom and Professor James Flynn.