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Terence Tao Named 2021 USIA Award Winner for Mathematics

The 2021 United Sigma Intelligence Association Award for Mathematics (2021 USIA Award for Mathematics) has been given to Terence Tao in recognition of having met the highest standards of excellence in his noteworthy achievement as an original investigator in a field of arts and sciences dedicated to providing intellectual inspiration to the world.


Terence Tao is a mathematician whose deep and original insights across a broad range of research areas have had a profound and lasting impact. Best known for his work on partial differential equations, he has also made significant contributions to computer science and statistical analysis.

In the field of number theory, Terence has conducted important research on identifying sequences of prime numbers, revealing that they can be found in evenly spaced progressions of any finite length. More recently, he has proposed an innovative new approach towards solving the Navier–Stokes Equation, one of the remaining unresolved Clay Millennium Problems.

Terence is one of the most acclaimed mathematicians of his generation, and in 2006 was awarded the Fields Medal for his extensive and wide-ranging research. A 2007 MacArthur Fellow, he is currently a Professor of Mathematics at UCLA.


NOTE: The USIA Awards are granted with the winners' consent.


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