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USIA Research Journal

The premiere issue of the USIA Research Journal was published in 2020.

USIA Journal Cover Final


1. USIA People

2. Editorial by YoungHoon Bryan Kim

3. USIA Research Journal Issue 1.1

a) Strategic Implications of Openness in AI Development by Prof. Nick Bostrom

b) Singularity Theodicy and Immortality by Prof. Hohyun Sohn

c) C. S. Lewis and Jacques Ellul on Christianity, Science, Technology, and Government by Prof. Richard Riss

d) IQ versus EQ: A Key Interaction in Human Evolution by Prof. Michael Rose & Shea Fisker

e) Philosophy in the Contemporary World: The Philosophy of Food by Prof. Henrik Lagerlund

f) Saving a Child by Prof. Peter Singer

g) An Interview with Emeritus Professor James Robert Flynn, FRSNZ on Intelligence Research, Evolutionary Biology, and IQ Gains and Advanced Moral Views (Part One)

h) An Interview with Dr. Aubrey de Grey on Longevity and Biomedical Gerontology Research Now

i) An Interview with Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin on High-IQ Societies’ Titles, Rarities, and Purposes, and Personal Judgment and Evaluations of Them (Part Two)

j) An Interview with Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin on Theories of Intelligence, Sex Differences, and Issues of IQ Test Takers and Test Creators (Part Three)

4. License and Copyright


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