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USIA Fellow Dr. Simon Rebsdorf

Dr. Simon Olling Rebsdorf, Ph.D. is a Fellow Physicist of the United Sigma Intelligence Association.


Philosophy and theory/history of science and technology expert, science outreach and communication specialist with expertise in science studies, philosophy of science, science education and science communication.

Author, blogger, science writer, strategic leader and senior consultant. Deep interests in strategic development, leadership, creativity and innovation. Engaged in (climate) futurology, the cognitive and social basis of pseudoscience/scientific demarcation debates, philosophy of consciousness, phenomenology vs. science of time.

Author of, and contributor to, academic books on the history of dcience and technology, on the concept of creativity & innovation as well as papers on science education, organic food systems, heterodox scientific theories, and the concept of time.

PhD in Natural Sciences, Center for Science Studies, Aarhus University and University of Chicago; MSc & BSc in Physics, the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University; Higher National Diploma in Journalism


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