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USIA Fellow Clinical Prof. Nadeen Kaufman

Clinical Professor Nadeen Kaufman is an Honorary / Advisory Fellow Psychologist of the United Sigma Intelligence Association (USIA) & Honorary Advisor of United Intelligence Council for United Intelligence Test Institute of USIA.

Nadeen L. Kaufman, Ed. D., is Clinical Professor at the Yale Child Study Center at the Yale University School of Medicine (since 1997) and is co-author, with Alan Kaufman, of the various Kaufman tests, such as the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (K-ABC), the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (K-TEA), Kaufman Brief Intelligence test (K-BIT) and the second editions of these instruments. These tests are influential worldwide, with the K-ABC and KABC-II currently being used in more than 20 countries. Nadeen, who also co-edits with Alan Kaufman, the popular Wiley book series, Essentials of Assessment, is a Fellow of Division 16 of APA. She has been a teacher of learning-disabled children, school psychologist, learning disabilities specialist, university professor, Associate Editor of School Psychology Review, and founder-director of several psychoeducational clinics. She has also published five books, including the 2001 text, Specific Learning Disabilities and Difficulties in Children and Adolescents: Psychological assessment and evaluation, as well as numerous articles, reviews, and book chapters in the fields of psychology and education. She co-edited (with Nancy Mather) two special issues of Psychology in the Schools in 2006 devoted to the integration of cognitive assessment and response to intervention in the assessment of children with specific learning disabilities. With Alan, Nadeen co-authored the computerized test, the K-CLASSIC, for French-speaking countries.

*Profile Source: Yale University


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