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USIA Global Ambassador Maria Entraigues Abramson

Maria Entraigues Abramson is a USIA Global Ambassador of the United Sigma Intelligence Association (USIA).


Maria is currently Director of Outreach for the SENS Research Foundation co-founded by Dr. Aubrey de Grey. She’s been part of SENS Research Foundation since its founding days and before that, with Methuselah Foundation (co-founded by Dave Gobel and Aubrey de Grey).

She is a science and technology communicator and one of the leading voices in the field of Longevity. Her passion and strong involvement in science and technology, combined with her skills in Public Relations and networking, positioned her as one of the main connectors in the field, in charge of building new critical relationships, spreading the word about the mission and driving donations.

She is also a singer, actress, composer, journalist and pilot.


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